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Jesicca Kuok Beng Lin was born in 1994 and currently lives in Kuala Lumpur. She is a graduate of Malaysian Institute of Art, with Diploma in Fine Art in 2017. 
She discovered her passion to pursue visual art as a career when she was in Form 6. Against the wishes of her parents she enrolled herself in Malaysian Institute of Art to study Fine Arts and make visual art as her professional calling
While studying in college, she discovered the skills and techniques to follow her dreams in creating artwork that focus on cross cultural themes depicting the mixed marriage of her Chinese father and her Indian mother.Her first group exhibition was in Surabaya, Indonesia, organized by Malaysian Institute of Art and Sekolah Tinggi Kesenian Wilwatikta, Surabaya.
In 2017, she was awarded a grant by INXO Arts Fund to continue her creativity in producing cross cultural art pieces, and awarded as one of the Best Students at Malaysian Institute of Art.
In July 2017, she was selected to participate in Young Art Entrepreneurs (YAE) organized by National Art Gallery, a program for young artists to become a professional Art Entrepreneur.
Ever since, her view towards art have changed when she discovered her biggest interests which related to life, scenery painting. Nature view gave her so many questions abou tlife and how she questions about lives in her painting. After that she joined different exhibitions but reality travels faster than her dream. 
Currently she’s an art teacher in an international school but she’s trying to exhibit her work, because she knows she needs to grab the chances whenever there’s opportunity. Her current work is about reality vs fantasy,where we always awake by our subconscious between these circumstances.



Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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