INXO Arts Fund

I get to be one of the recipients who get funded for our project in this program called INXO Arts Fund.

Jesicca Kuok Art Production INXO Arts Fund

Young Art Entrepreneurs

A program for young artist and to train them how to become an Art Entrepreneurs. At the same time artist do artworks together by joining many other activities and exhibitions.

Jesicca Kuok Art Production YAE.jpg

Art Markets

Me and my team from National Art Gallery have joined different art markets to sell our own products. It's all made by artist itself.

Jesicca Kuok Art Production Art Market


I do murals as requested from different places and expand my network in art.

Mural for School

Mural Project at The Carriden House

I've given the opportunity to do my mural paintings in one of the historical building, The Carriden House in Edinburgh, Scotland. I completed the walls by according to the their needs.


I want to show what I have to the world!



Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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